The American Way of Life (Part 10 of 28)

Part 10: of a 28-part series

Next idea – “we’re a united people pledged to maintaining a political system that guarantees individual liberty to a greater degree than any other”. (That was [said in] 1981.) Time enough has passed from 1776 to 1787 to 1981– the anniversary of our Constitution. And we can look back and say it is true that this country provides the greatest individual liberty that mankind has ever seen.

And so, does this idea work? It blesses all men. It blesses every man. This truth, or this belief in it, must advance—must continue to even advance within our own nation still. We’re being challenged still with these ideas. It will continue to be a challenge. We are convincing men and nations of the independent worth of the individual through his individual [identity] in Christ.

The visual, the tangible proof of exercising this idea is in the prosperity of the individual. The material manifestation of this idea (not ony political) is that he gets to enjoy the fruits of his own labor without confiscation, without robbery. [He can] enjoy the fruits of his own labor as the means of his own livelihood.

And this is the key to the pursuit of happiness – his own individual enterprise. As a nation, we began as a communist people in 1620, storehousing. We learned early that it didn’t work for us. It didn’t work for any humanity. So they overthrew it and went to individual enterprise. America’s affluence is not because of corporate enterprise, but because of individual enterprise. That’s the worth of individual productivity. It’s the proof of the pudding of this idea, of the independent worth. If you go to business magazines throughout history, you’ll see this in economics. Individual enterprise is the foundation of American affluence.

To be continued…