The American Way of Life (Part 19 of 28)

Part 19: of a 28-part series

No one can transcend their legal limits (and they have, every one of them) without being effectually checked and restrained by the others. And so, that’s how it was set up. That’s what we were saying. Congress – we the people – have the supreme power.

Poor Bush. He’s taken a whipping. And there’s some things he’s done that have just caused me concern, definitely. But you know what? He can’t be blamed for what Congress did. Congress has charge of all the domestic policies. Do you understand that? He has charge of our foreign policies. But what’s happening inside of this country – even the weather – is Congress’ fault, not Bush’s. We didn’t elect him to take charge of the weather- just Congress to take charge of the weather. That’s the law-making body, the body which taxes. It’s also the body that regulates banks. It came from there. It directs the domestic policies of the United States, and we’re hurting.

Look at the clauses in Article 1: “The House of Representatives should be composed of members chosen every second year by the people of the several states.” They only have two years’ term of office. Hint, hint…alright? Some need to be fired. (I don’t mean literally.) The Senate has a six-year term. They used to be chosen by the legislatures. Now they are [chosen by] popular vote. But that’s the original idea.

All bills or raising of revenue shall visit the House of Representatives. Everything that we’ve seen go across the desk of the President to sign has been originated by Congress. Our next Executive either will veto or sign the bills. It’s up to you. Do you want more taxation signed, or do you want it vetoed? That’s the decision you have to make. And what will it mean to the economy at this low level of productivity? What will increase productivity? What will decrease it?

To be continued…