The American Way of Life (Part 26 of 28)

Part 26: of a 28-part series

This is my next point. We have a protection – and what is it? The power’s in Congress, not in the Presidency. Remember that. In America, we are identified more by our political sphere of influence than by our social rank. More by our town, city, county, and state affiliation than by our station in society determined by birth, wealth, or education.

Within each political sphere, there will be found the rich, the middle income, and poor. These are relative in each locality, are they not? But there’s also mobility within those categories. You can have a million dollars one day, and tomorrow it’s gone. We saw that, right? Two trillion dollars, right? Gone. The  market goes up and down. And there’s a great deal of mobility, because we are not set in any particular income class.

Some people don’t like America because of our excesses, but what have we learned about our excesses? The excesses of affluence (inordinate consumption, political corruption, gluttony, greed, etc.) – they judge and destroy themselves. We don’t have to worry about them.

You try to live a lifestyle of inordinate consumption and political corruption. People go to court all the time for political corruption, don’t they? Gluttony…greed…and you know what? What are we witnessing in this country? They judge themselves. It’s self-destroying. Don’t worry for things that are self-destructive. You don’t have to bark at it. You don’t have to shout at it. You don’t even have to shoot it. It will self-destruct. Let it self-destruct. The good will continue.

America is structured to solve our problems. We are not identified by our party affiliation, by our family affiliation, but by our locality, where we reside actually – our sphere of political influence. America is structured to solve her problems how? Beginning at the local level. So if this President doesn’t work, we can change it at the local level. We are, I believe, insulated by our local spheres. We have the power of electing our rulers in Congress.

To be continued…