The American Way of Life (Part 28 of 28)

Part 28: of a 28-part series

How is the American way of life destroyed? You must deny your own individual, independent worth. If they can, through education, get you to deny that you’re important, that you’re nothing and nobody, that you’re not worth much, you can’t do much – they’ve won almost half the battle right there. It’s appropriate that you have independent worth in your own property of first, your conscience, your intellect, your will,  your talent, your opinions – no matter what gender, no matter what handicaps, no matter what history you may have.

[Many] Americans deny their responsibility for the quality of civil government in which they live. We have neglected that. This can be restored. It’s like the stock market. We have our ups and downs. But it’s forward-pressing. America’s way of life is fueled by individual liberty, not oil. It’s not the oil that we are addicted to – it’s liberty. We can’t live without it. We must have our liberty.

Remember how this country was started. America, today the envy of the world, began with individuals who had nothing more than their liberty. And that’s true for some of us who are first-generation-born Americans – parents who came with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. Amazing stories.

It’s so immediate to me. I don’t know how immediate it may be in your family. Nothing but freedom. For my mother, it was freedom from her mother-in-law. That’s all that mattered. And it changed my life. Do you see? We just need a little bit, and it just goes a long way for everyone.

They were deposited on their wilderness with nothing – living in a seemingly God-forsaken wilderness. And look at America today, because they came looking for liberty, and made sure others had it too. They didn’t impose their church doctrines on anyone. That’s not Christianity. Liberty is our breath of life.

The End