The American Way of Life (Part 7 of 28)

Part 7: of a 28-part series

The fundamental principle of the American way of life is belief, and the people are working on it. We’ve been struggling with this idea. How deep does this belief go in the individual and in the nation, in the independent worth of the individual? Real progress has to do with this idea. First of all, it’s based on mankind’s common humanity — in his life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. We have this in common, regardless of what grade of life, what history of life we have.

Where does this idea come from? Where does this declaration reason from? Again, here’s the problem – the root is that there’s a wise, just, and perfect Creator – the one who authored liberty, who does not impose His will on the will of any individual.  That’s your view of God. Do you believe that there’s a Creator of such a nature, who does not impose His will on others because He’s the author of liberty, and that’s His idea? Besides, though, He is able to overrule the decisions of all men. He isn’t bothered by our “bad decisions”. It doesn’t bother Him. They’re yours to make. We’re made to make our own decisions. And He’s not going to violate that. And for that reason, we’re all equal in His sight. We have the capacity to make those decisions.

Although men are created as rational beings, individuals are liable to be irrational. You think so? Some of us are irrational sometimes, in thoughts and actions. And civil government is here to punish those who injure the life, liberty, and property of the innocent, which is again, unreasonable to do. Unprovoked anger, unprovoked offenses. It’s irrational, again, to injure the things that are innocent. This is the American theory – recognizing the human equality and brotherhood. The individual is the unit of society — not a class, not an elite, but the individual himself is the basic unit of all society. He’s the cornerstone. He’s the makeup. It’s the individual that we are serving and looking to, not a group of people at all.

To be continued…