The American Way of Life (Part 8 of 28)

Part 8: of a 28-part series

And so, [as we’re] advancing and promoting natural equality, again we have to deal with our own unbelief or belief. We have the opportunity in this country to grow in such an idea, to be presented with this proposition that all men are created equal, and then to struggle in it with ourselves. It has results, according to our individual progress. And it cannot be imposed. No belief is imposed.

But this idea has a chance, has an opportunity to flourish, because there are beneficial results to everybody, if this idea could somehow grow. It could not grow in Asia, or Europe, or Africa as much as it is here, because this is the foundation of our thinking, about our way of thinking. It’s a phenomenal thing, that men come to this at different stages – and they’re not marching at the same beat – but they come to these ideas on their own.

The way we live as individuals is to, I call it, “diffuse” – to spread the idea of the natural equality and individual worth of men and nations – to diffuse or spread this idea into a world living with a very low view of the individual. We are here to advance an idea in a world that does not predominantly believe that all men have worth – a world that has a low worth of the individual.

That’s why some of us are here. That’s why my parents came. That’s why some of your ancestors came – because they lived under a low view of who they were. Others had a low view of them, for no reason. And they found here an opportunity where this idea was growing, is growing, will continue to grow — because it’s self-evident truth. The American response is the tendency to look not to the past, but to the future.

To be continued…