To the Class of 2008 (Part 2 of 4)

Part 2: of a 4-part series

When a Christian denies the divine origin and purpose for civil government, he naturally relinquishes his responsibility for the quality of civil government that may be established over him and tacitly consents to any potential loss of his God-given life, liberty, and property. How should God hold this Christian guiltless of negligence and disobedience with regard to the maintenance of good civil government when he is not maintaining good self-government within his own sphere of influence? when he is not trusting God for the government of himself and for everything which pertains to him? but, he is instead relying upon men for his direction, regulation, control, and restraint?

Today, we suffer for our being irresponsible for the quality of civil government, or the government of our nation, as generations past have walked away from and abandoned the responsibility for the quality of civil government within their local spheres of influence, beginning within their own homes, their churches and, then, within their local communities. They have demanded secularists somehow to maintain divine institutions and have expected men blind to God to see and to lead us with respect to our homes, our churches, and civil governments. Can any one of us defy the law of gravity and not crash and burn? Can generations let go of Biblical principles of the home, church, and civil government and not suffer miserable spiritual and material consequences? Can a people secularize the home, the church, and the civil government for long and not eventually feel the tightening bands of socialism about their lives, liberties, and livelihoods?

Self-government is no more than simple obedience to God’s principles for all of life and living: for marriage and the security of the home; for the care of the business of the church; and for the fulfillment of the purpose of civil government to protect every man’s life, liberty, and livelihood. In proportion to a nation’s ignoring and letting go of these principles, does that nation corrupt itself with unbelief and disobedience, thus to begin on a course of self destruction.

Are we now not undergoing the painful consequences owed to the corruption of our self-government? True to the ways of Providence, corruption has its own pain that leads to a correction, that leads men to ponder the causes for their discomforts and national troubles and to think upon what the cure might be for them, what other course might be taken in order to reverse the path they have taken toward self destruction. This painful process of correction leads us today to examine within, beginning with our own views of civil government, of the government of our homes, our churches and communities, and of our nation. As America was conceived by individual reformation, America shall also be restored to her foundation of self-government by individual repentance and the revival of individual self-government.

Individuals are cured of socialism when they come finally to the end of socialism within themselves, when they have had their fill of the leeks and onions of today’s Egypt, of the socialization and standardization of socialism, never to return to them again, never to separate the history of America from the History of Christ, and not forsaking, but standing firmly, assured in the individual liberty with which Christ has set them free, in the greatest liberty for the individual seen in the history of the world.

To be continued