Why The Criticism of American Christian Education

Why the Criticism of American Christian Education
from The Opposition

Widely permeating modern Christendom is a certain doctrine pertaining to the “last days” which leads men to believe that the cause of Christ is lost in The Christian Era. No wonder belief in Him is rendered desperately impotent, for Christ is Himself impotent in the face of this world’s evil and the author of evil; however, for one to suggest that anything related to Christ can be a “lost cause” is only remarkably incredulous. The cause of Christ in The Christian Era is to demonstrate His power in the life of the individual, in spite of the flesh, sin and the devil. The Father shall glorify His Only Begotten and Beloved Son just as the Father promised.


The reasons for refusing the philosophy of American Christian education stem from unbelief in God as Divine Providence, Christianity’s form of government—individual self-government, and the low quality of Biblical reasoning existing within modern Christendom. One may define the opposition by the following noticeable points of unbelief:

There is an unspoken and implied denying of God ruling and overruling in all the affairs of men and nations; and, instead, there is among modern thinkers an insidious suggestion and belief in the surety of Satan’s dominion in “the last days.” Since when will Satan ever have dominion over God? How may good be overcome with evil? Have we questioned the Marxist historians from which most modern Christians have received their American history since the turn of the Twentieth Century?


Popular opinion is denying the power of Christ in the life of the individual, or that individual self government can exist in the world inundated with false teaching and wickedness: in other words, socialism is inevitable. The world has always been inundated with false teaching and wickedness; nothing but degeneration in all spheres of life and living could exist before Christ entered history and brought regeneration, when “all things became new” and “old things are passed away.” In this Christian Era all power of the Father is transferred to His Son. Christ brought His form of government, self-government, into history and made it the cornerstone of the Constitution of the United States of America in 1789. Self-government is born out of Gospel liberty; individual liberty, which, when matured, He planted in the wilderness of America in 1620.


Popular opinion is also denying the simplicity and sufficiency of Biblical education; for its not being in compliance with tradition, custom, and habit in content and methods and is, therefore, deficient in matters presumably important: test scores, college prep and admissions; acceptance by the “real” world; earning high wages and positions, etc. American Christians are yet to repent from following the vain imaginations of secularized education and return to instructing their sons and daughters in “the wonderful works of God,” which past generations have laid aside. The Constitution of the United States grew out of a people who, for over 150 years, were educated in the Scriptures, who learned to obey no law which was unlawful, under God, to obey. American Christians cannot remember what they have forgotten.