Philomath Foundation was founded by Miss Katherine Dang of Pleasanton, California. It is a non-profit, religious foundation established to propagate the ideas of individual self-government and biblical education through the teaching, study materials, conferences, seminars, history and government study groups, youth and adult classes, and the encouragement of all in the understanding of the God of Creation and Providential History.

Philomath Foundation is dedicated to advancing the Biblical principles and ideas of American Christian history, government, and education and their applications in today’s world, concentrating specifically on serving the educational needs of the American Christian home, church and civil government through:

• Adult study groups

• Seminars

• Curriculum materials

• Consultant services

• Courses for youth and adults


After receiving an undergraduate degree in History from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1970, with her faith in Jesus Christ and the Word of God intact, Miss Dang was subsequently introduced to the Biblical principles and reasoning that distinguish America’s Christian history, government and education by Verna Hall and Rosalie Slater of the Foundation for American Christian Education. Subsequently, she began teaching at the pilot school in Hayward, CA under the direction of James Rose. Within the next 25 years, Miss Dang became a Master Teacher of teachers as these principles and ideas were taught, illustrated, and demonstrated in the classroom and later to the 50-member staff of her own church-school of nearly 800 K-12 grade students. Retiring from the Christian day-school ministry in 1995, she dedicated herself to writing and compiling a four-volume work on Universal History from Adam to the present - the first two volumes of which were published in 2000 and 2004 respectively. Currently, Miss Dang is President of the non-profit religious and educational Philomath Foundation, Founder of Philomath Publications, home school consultant, conference speaker, and author.
Miss Dang teaches the philosophy, curriculum and methods of Providential Education to assemblies throughout the United States and in South America. When she consults with individual families, parents acknowledge her unique ability to encourage, embolden and give hope of success because she knows how to cancel the fear of achieving commonly accepted but unreasonable and unbiblical expectations for children. Gifted with the capacity to evaluate a student’s attitudes, disposition and qualities of thought, equipped with practical curriculum ideas, outlines and resources of her own making and tested by over 50 years of classroom/counseling experience, Miss Dang simplifies both the Biblical path and the goals for self-education and self- government. Miss Dang has also answered “the Macedonian call” from cities in South Korea and Namibia, Africa.

-Mr. James B. Rose, President
American Christian History Institute, Palo Cedro, CA

"Katherine Dang’s extraordinary contribution to this millennium is to restore the Providential Interpretation of History and to encourage the contemporary Christian to judge of and deal with the affairs of the modern world... As a Chinese American Christian, Miss Dang has become one of the most erudite thinkers and expositors of Christ, His Story, in this age. How gracious God is to raise up a woman whose ancient heritage is China, A complete and unmixed despotism, and to prepare her to become the foremost American Christian historian since Miss Verna Hall to document and elucidate the Perfect Law of Liberty in the subject of Universal History."

James Rose, in the Introduction to Universal History, Volume I, Ancient History – Law Without Liberty