Ms. Dang,

“Tom really enjoyed your presentation last night and the depth of your knowledge, conviction and Biblical reasoning. God had placed in our hearts before we had begun our family a conviction that it was our responsibility to raise them. With some planning, I ended my insurance career when Marissa was born. These convictions transferred into their education. Obediently, we followed, not understanding why, and going against the pressure to conform to society. God has blessed us, as we truly enjoy the time we are spending with them. With your guidance, we are understanding how they are a part of God s greater plan. Truly, you have enlightened us with God s hope for our family and others. We look forward to your monthly talks at our home in the coming year.”

E. Beale
Foster City, CA

Ms. Dang,

“I want to tell you how much I have appreciated being a student in your class. I appreciate the ministry you have, and your obedience to Christ. It is inspiring to see what God can accomplish in a yielded life. Your Biblical reasoning has had a great impact on us, and one that will last and be carried out in our children and others as the Lord flourishes the seeds you have planted and the resources you have directed us to. So often in my homeschooling, I come across something like this and think that I wish I could go back and start over with this equipping, but that is not possible. So by God’s grace, I hope to go forward and make good and proper use of what you’ve begun in my life. Thank you very much. I hope we will be lifelong friends, and I hope to be your student again.”

Kathy Young
Walnut Creek, CA

Ms. Dang,

“I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog, but often forget to check it for new content. Is there any way you can add a feed to that section of your website, or an option for an email notification?

Thank you for considering it.

This article might be of interest to you, also: http://lifenurturingeducation.com/2008/02/18/biblical-education-is-easy/

I wrote it in response to one of your blogs. Thank you for your ministry of wisdom and encouragement.”

Peace to you,

Renae Deckard
Tyler, Texas

Ms. Dang,

“Another homeschooler alerted me to you new website. I am so excited to be able to read your biblical wisdom in such an easy format. Your words are encouraging and assist me in renewing my mind.

I usually go to your conference in Tyler, TX, but we were sick this year. I really missed attending. However, I plan to see you next year.”

Peace to you,

Renae Deckard
Tyler, Texas

I wanted to send a heartfelt thank you for the role you’ve played as teacher in my life. God uses you to teach His Word and principles. To know God’s Word and be known by Him is something I’m humbled more and more by as I get older (I’m almost 28, next month!)! I feel so grateful l God has given me the spheres of learning and relationships to even get to hear and apply lessons from history like the ones you deliver.

E Hixon

Your wisdom of history and God’s Holy Word has opened our hearts and minds to many new things.

S Hixon

We are very thankful to be your students through literature class and topical teachings. Both Elycia and I [have] gained and benefited greatly. I am especially amazed about how much Elycia understood and enjoyed your topical talks. Your ministry is absolutely, one of a kind!

J Lam

It would be nice that many Latins should know this kind of teachings. I am leaving to Peru. God will do great things with the seed which you planted.

V Ortega

Thank you for the insight and time you spent with the group of homeschooling parents recently. The American Christian Education approach very much “hangs together” with my family’s beliefs in a sovereign God and with our experience regarding what children need emotionally. Your Tuesday-evening series has been a catalyst for my wife and I to “sharpen what we’re doing with our children. Thank you.


Thank you, again, for all the contributions you’ve given to our family. I believe God has heard my cry regarding my daughters’ hearts, and He sent you! I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart.

A Hjelte

No one has had more impact on the Biblical and governmental thinking of all 4 of us than you and I am forever grateful. Thank you for giving your life to this endeavor.

K Klein

Thank you so much for your towards of encouragement! God bless you as you serve Him and teach families the Truth! Thank you for your tender heart and sweet spirit toward homeschool moms and families!

S Schneider

Thank you for the individual attention and affirmation you have given to help me on my way. Your passion to displace wrong thinking with right thinking inspires those who hear.

P Mauer

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all your work in explaining the Principle Approach to homeschoolers. Your online lectures have encouraged me to relax and to seek God’s heart more deeply in the education and training of my children.
My favorite piece of information was from an august 2005 online lecture. It was in regards to personal self-government and the training of children. The example was about training our children to obey because it is “reasonable” and not just because “we said so”.
Thank you for all your hard work for all your hard work over the years in the study and writing of the curriculum guides that you offer.
Thank you again for your lectures and information about how to apply the core Principle Approach ideas to home education.

D Burkholder

Thank you for always being available to guide me in my homeschool. I am very thankful for your encouragement and direction. Our homeschool is now rich in the things of God.

R Savel

I am so grateful for the gifts that God has given you because they are a direct blessing to our family! Your gifts of wisdom, discernment, knowledge and love are helping to raise and shape the hearts and minds of our children. I seriously do not know how I would do this without you! Thank you for your time and patience.

C Koranaro

…I thought it was such a blessing for Matthew to be able to sit under you as you taught him Providential history, literature and guided us through math, science and Bible, grammar and so much more. What I didn’t realize is that I would also become the student learning as much truth laong-side Matthew as well as independently as you guided and counseled me about parenting (as God intended), our history, government, and so much more. You opened my eyes and my ears to God’s truth, and for that I am truly grateful.

L Wittwer

Having you …during these two weeks has been a great blessing; now we have more understanding of how to depend on God to understand the laws that He has for everything He created and, also, how to understand what He has been doing and is doing in the history of mankind and we as art of it…. You have been influential in the place He put you and even beyond the borders.

O Quiroga
Bogota, Columbia
Thank you so much for the teaching and the blessing that you are to my family and to my country and to me.

G Molina
Bucramanga, Columbia
I love how you gave practical guidelines and really shared the focus on god’s Word. Thank you so much for allowing God to use you, to impact our lives in this time. Thank you for not being “long-winded” either and for allowing God to just lead you to teach us.

Tyler, Texas

Thank you for the example of love and commitment you have to restore the Christian foundations of America. You are an inspiration.

E Munoz
Tyler, Texas

It was a blessing to know the Biblical foundation for each subject.

Tyler, Texas

I appreciate this conference that gave me so much more understanding and direction above my subject.

K Kim
Tyler, Texas

Thank you for teaching me these past years. I have learned a lot abut history and writing through your astute teaching. Thank you for the earnestness you lovingly coach us with.

P Pang

What a blessing for Katelyn to learn to think and write from you1 Thank you for using your gift of teaching and sharing your wisdom with so many!

L Spencer

Thank you for coming to teach the Foundations class. I thoroughly enjoyed each session Wesley and I attended. You put into words on Monday, and again on Friday, the reason I keep “combing back for more” when you stated “teaching is dead if it doesn’t give life”. When I hear you speak, whether for alit class us moms, or a class like this week, I am encouraged and inspired. Thank you for sharing God’s “life” with us and encouraging us to do the same.

M Methum

You have been blessed with understanding of the scriptures and able to share them with the children in such a beautiful and simple way.

J Armstrong


Propagate the ideas of individual self-government and biblical education.

“Thank you for taking the time to spend with our family, and to encourage and exhort us in our homeschooling. We are thankful for your insights and instruction. We all enjoyed having you spend the day with us. We would like to ask and plan for another time in the near future, late January or early February, to have you work with our family again.”

Kris Van Lieu
Clayton, CA

“Just in the last month, I’ve had two friends from church ask me about [P.A.*]. I met with one friend yesterday, and by God’s grace, He helped me to articulate things simply for her. [Now] she is asking more questions with interest. I think a lot of why I was able to articulate things (which is often a challenge for me) is because I have been listening to your CD’s…. God is bringing more understanding again. Thank you for your faithfulness to continue to teach God’s truths and His ways.”

L. Potratz
Kansas City, Kansas

*P.A. stands for Principle Approach

“It was so nice to hear back from you. Thank you for the information on where to find the resources I asked about in my last email. I printed off the order form. I will send it to you with payment to purchase a copy of A Guide to American Christian Education.

I will be in touch. It is so exciting to look ahead to school this year as I begin to focus on American Christian Education. God blessed me so much when He placed you in my path. Thank you for spending so much time ministering to so many parents who are in search of giving their children the best education within God’s perfect plan.”


R. Savel
Charlotte, N. C

“Your visit with us this week has been delightful. I say this because God brings so much for us when He sends you here. I am writing this as you sit in the living room, a part of my family, watching the silly show ‘Get Smart’, but that’s one of the reasons we love you so very much. You are a ‘trooper’.

The classes were so refreshing and renewing. Although we have read some from the CHOC book, on Bradford’s Plimoth Plantation, I felt like it was now a personal book to me. It’s my history, my children’s history, and the greatest legacy the Pilgrims could have left us. I will read more with joy and thanksgiving for the Principles they lived by, and the examples of God’s love manifest in His Divine Protection for them. What a gift. Thank you for taking the care and preparation to lead the youth and us adults through this study. Your efforts are appreciated.

Our adult classes are a real treat. The subjects inform and give me reason for hope for the future of my nation and all nations.”

Thank you again,

K. Welling
California City, CA