The American Way of Life (Part 5 of 28)

Part 5: of a 28-part series

This is what distinguishes the American from all other countries – historically and traditionally. It’s how we live. It’s what we do, and what we’re striving to accomplish. We’re maturing as a people, as imperfect as we are, acknowledging that we need to progress. We are in fact a demonstration of a historic phenomenon – an anomaly actually. We’re putting a dependence not on others, but on ourselves as individuals.

If the American way of life is allegedly offensive to her enemies, I come to this conclusion: presumably, then, what are they offended by? What is it that causes such pain and injury to those that have a problem or have a conflict with the way we live?

To destroy America, if America is to be undone, then it is also to deny that idea of self-evident truth, that all men are created equal. That has to be trashed. We have to deny every opposition to despotic government, because that’s what we represent. We oppose despotic government first, do we not, in the Declaration? We also deny the people the ability to govern themselves. We absolutely deny. “Deny” means to reject the thought, to reject it absolutely.

We recall, perhaps, in October 2001, just a month and a half or so after 9/11…I remember this speech here: “The object of terrorism is to try to force us to change our way of life.” And I wanted [Bush] to define our way of life. And it didn’t come. That’s been sitting on the back burner since then. And I said, “What is our way of life?” Only this week, or the last two weeks, did I arrive at maybe some answer that I can be satisfied with. You may not be satisfied with it, but I’m a happy camper. Something that satisfies my old soul, that I could say “that’s it for me” (first-generation American-born).

To be continued…