The American Way of Life (Part 1 of 28)

Part 1: of a 28-part series

This phrase, “the American way of life,” has never been defined to my satisfaction. I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about. I hear about it all the time. It has become a matter, or a phrase, that arouses disdain more than anything else.

I don’t know how you have determined this phrase, or how it’s used in our current history, but I want to propose to you that there is something called an “American way of life” that pertains to every one of us in this room, because it has to do with our nation. It has to do with the life of our nation. Every nation has a personality. Every nation has its own life and its own way of living. So, it behooves us as Americans to get a grip, to get a handle, on some aspect that pertains to us and us alone.

So I want to propose to you three ideas that might define us, or should I say, define the American way of life. I come at this as a historian, or as a teacher of history, a leader of history. I want to propose to you some ideas for you to consider. It’s not in any way a matter of absolute, of fixed law, but you consider these things and see whether if these things are so – in your experience, in your knowledge, and in your studies.

I want to deal with the American way of life. Of course, today many are concerned about our way of life, about whether or not it will be changed. Simply, what is it they are concerned about?

To be continued…