To the Class of 2008 (Part 3 of 4)

Part 3: of a 4-part series

Graduates, your home education is God’s idea. It is one positive evidence of God’s favor upon our nation. All the problems which a nation has originate in the nation’s families and homes. If these problems are to be addressed and resolved, they must first be addressed and resolved within the Christian’s home. To correct what is wrong in America, we must begin with what is wrong with the thinking and government in the Christian homes in America that have caused them to be unable to produce the proper leadership for each of the spheres of civil government: city, county, state, and nation. American Christians have not been cultivating and growing individual self-government in their homes and churches for a long while.

I ask you: As generations before you, have you been socialized, predisposed to trust in associations, fellowships, organizations, corporations, and all of society rather than in God for all of your earthly needs, so as to exchange your birthright of liberty for the world’s mess of pottage? Or, will you believe in God’s principles of economics and individual enterprise taught us by Paul in his letter to the Christians in Thessalonica:
. . . that ye study to be quiet, to do your own business, and to work with your own hands. . .That ye may walk honestly toward them that are without, and that ye may have lack of nothing. (4:11, 12)

We do not, however, separate what God is doing in the wilderness of home education from what God is doing in America. Home education is blessing America. From the demand of independency and the enjoyment of liberty which are naturally inherent to home education, generations are arising which are not as disposed to socialization as their fathers and mothers were; old patterns of life and living which have supported the increasing of socialism in this nation are being set aside and new patterns of individual enterprise and independency from the State are being set for generations to come.

Thus, we ask ourselves: Could Providence not be preparing generations to live unto Him, those future American generations who would seek to please Him, having the mind of Christ concerning history, government, and education? Could God, perhaps, be weaning our nation from a belief in the all-powerful state unto faith in the absolute, eternal, and unchanging power of God? Could it be that home education in America represents the beginning of the end of socialism in America? The positive hope is real because we know from personal experience of the power of Christ in the life of the individual, of his home, of his church, of his business, and of his local community.

To be continued…